Bespoke Tours with Nick Lipscombe
Nick Lipscombe ran his first tour in 1985.  In the last ten years he has concentrated on tours covering the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign but is now starting to cover tours on the English Civil Wars.

He is a freelance guide for a number of well established tour companies but is very happy to organise and execute bespoke tours for individuals or groups.  His testimonials speak for themselves:

As the child of two gunners and the brother of another, I was delighted to go in your company, as you guided us around the battlefield.  An excellent job and I am most grateful to you.
It really was for me the tour of a lifetime... A pleasure to have met you, thank you for your expertise, guidance and good humour.
Matthew Oram, Oxford & Cambridge ALUMNI, September 2016
Thanks very much to Nick for a very well organised and very interesting tour and for sharing your great knowledge of the topic and the places visited... we have already ordered a copy of your Atlas...
Professor John and Dr. Peta Edwards, TCE Classic Tour September 2016
Thank you for our marvellous trip to Spain. I enjoy learning new information and you gave me that in buckets full and the way that you gave it was clear and concise. As you may remember at Salamanca you gave the information so graphically that I became emotional seeing and hearing the Cavalry charge.
Wendy Schmitt, TCE Classic Tour September 2016
Many thanks for a fascinating tour last week. The more one learns of the complexity of the problems that Wellington had to keep in his mind and tackle on a daily basis, the more one's admiration for him increases... I have ordered a copy of your new book and shall probably sign up for your tour of the Eastern Front next year.
Alex Bristow, TCE Pyrenees Tour October 2016
I found the tour informative and inspiring largely due to your knowledge and ability to communicate and analyse complex situations arising in a time and social setting very different to our own.
Fraser McNeill, ACE Peninsular War Tour, October 2016
Thanks for a great tour.  I think it is the best cultural tour I have been on and certainly ticked all the boxes.  I was especially impressed by the way you, Nick, used both primary and secondary sources to give us a real insight into the people involved - what they did, thought, and went through.  I came away with increased respect for most of them. Add to that impeccable organisation, some great restaurants and last but not least the companionship and good company of my fellow participants.  It was a great group and I will remember you all.
Christopher Shann, ACE Peninsular War Tour, October 2016
Yes, it was a great trip.  Sarah and I enjoyed it enormously despite not being dedicated battle-followers. We were staggered by Nick's knowledge and skill in communicating itů
Bob and Sarah Bradfield, ACE Peninsular War Tour, October 2016
Oxford and Cambridge Alumni - September 2016
Nick briefing inside Wellington's Headquarters at Freineda, Portugal.