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Nick Lipscombe ran his first tour in 1985.  In the last ten years he has concentrated on tours covering the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign.  He is a freelance guide for a number of well established tour companies but is very happy to organise and execute bespoke tours for individuals or groups.  His testimonials speak for themselves:

As the child of two gunners and the brother of another, I was delighted to go in your company, as you guided us around the battlefield.  An excellent job and I am most grateful to you.
It really was for me the tour of a lifetime... A pleasure to have met you, thank you for your expertise, guidance and good humour.
Matthew Oram, Oxford & Cambridge ALUMNI, September 2016
Thanks very much to Nick for a very well organised and very interesting tour and for sharing your great knowledge of the topic and the places visited... we have already ordered a copy of your Atlas...
Professor John and Dr. Peta Edwards, TCE Classic Tour September 2016
Thank you for our marvellous trip to Spain. I enjoy learning new information and you gave me that in buckets full and the way that you gave it was clear and concise. As you may remember at Salamanca you gave the information so graphically that I became emotional seeing and hearing the Cavalry charge.
Wendy Schmitt, TCE Classic Tour September 2016
Many thanks for a fascinating tour last week. The more one learns of the complexity of the problems that Wellington had to keep in his mind and tackle on a daily basis, the more one's admiration for him increases... I have ordered a copy of your new book and shall probably sign up for your tour of the Eastern Front next year.
Alex Bristow, TCE Pyrenees Tour October 2016
I found the tour informative and inspiring largely due to your knowledge and ability to communicate and analyse complex situations arising in a time and social setting very different to our own.
Fraser McNeill, ACE Peninsular War Tour, October 2016
Thanks for a great tour.  I think it is the best cultural tour I have been on and certainly ticked all the boxes.  I was especially impressed by the way you, Nick, used both primary and secondary sources to give us a real insight into the people involved - what they did, thought, and went through.  I came away with increased respect for most of them. Add to that impeccable organisation, some great restaurants and last but not least the companionship and good company of my fellow participants.  It was a great group and I will remember you all.
Christopher Shann, ACE Peninsular War Tour, October 2016
Yes, it was a great trip.  Sarah and I enjoyed it enormously despite not being dedicated battle-followers. We were staggered by Nick's knowledge and skill in communicating it…
Bob and Sarah Bradfield, ACE Peninsular War Tour, October 2016
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In 2017/2018 Nick is running the following tours:

13 to 20 September 2017:
The tour begins with a drive down the Tagus Valley to Toledo before taking in the battle at Talavera; then to the crossing at Almaraz before heading towards the Portuguese border. Here we take in the bloodiest battle of the Peninsular War at Albuera and the equally brutal siege at Badajoz. Then to the fortified town of Elvas, Portugal, a UNESCO world heritage site steeped in history, before heading north again via the atmospheric Roman bridge at Alcántara and onto the 14th Century Parador at Ciudad Rodrigo. Back across to Portugal and the perfectly preserved fortified town of Almeida where we examine the action across the River Coa where Black Bob Craufurd so nearly lost the elite Light Division. The major battle on the border at Fuentes de Oñoro is visited in detail along with a trip to Wellington’s headquarters at Freineda. Finally, we travel to Salamanca, a beautiful and culturally rich city with the best preserved Peninsular War battlefield. You will stay at great hotels and have every opportunity to witness and enjoy Spanish hospitality and culture in these varied regions of central and western Spain.

The Classic Peninsular War Tour Wellington Invades France
Oxford and Cambridge Alumni - September 2016


21 to 29 September 2017:
The Pyrenees tour is a combination of fascinating feats of bravery amidst stunning scenery. We start by taking in the siege at Burgos before moving forward to 1813 and the battle at Vitoria; a contest which changed the face of the war and left the French on the back foot. The Battles of the Pyrenees were spread over vast distances, which challenged Wellington’s system of command and his ability to provide mutual support to the forces. The actions at the passes at Maya and Roncesvalles are followed by the decisive battles at Sorauren. A brief visit to the siege at San Sebastian and then we return to the Pyrenees for the battles of San Marcial and the actions across the Bidassoa at Bayonette Ridge and the Louis XIV redoubt. The invasion of France was followed by the actions across the rivers Nivelle and Nive before the investment of Bayonne and the bridging of the mighty River Adour. Then east as Wellington pushed Soult’s away from Bayonne and the actions at Orthez, Tarbes and finally the last battle at Toulouse.
18 to 23 May 2018
Sir John Moore assumed command of the British Army in October 1808 and led it across Portugal and Spain to link up with his Spanish allies to commence a campaign against his better wishes. At much the same time Napoleon arrived in the Peninsula at the head of 125,000 battle hardened veterans.  Having restored his brother back on the Spanish throne, Napoleon turned his attention to remove Moore’s army which he dubbed the ‘troublesome British leopard’. With his lines of communication compromised, Moore was forced to retreat in the dead of winter over the inhospitable Galician mountains, his army fighting tenacious rear-guard actions to facilitate their escape to Corunna where they turned to face the French. It is a harrowing yet heroic story of a retreat in often freezing conditions where hunger, tiredness and inadequate clothing were as much an enemy to Moore’s men as their French pursuers in their desperate race to the coast and the succour of waiting Royal Navy transport.
24 to 27 June 2018:
This is a comprehensive tour of the Waterloo campaign battlefields and key locations. It will concentrate on the key personalities, drawing on the maxim that ‘war is about minds more than stuff’. The decisions made by eight men decided the fate of 200,000 men on that momentous day and, ultimately, the destiny of Europe for nearly half a century.  The tour takes in the battles at Ligny and Quatre Bras, the withdrawal on 17 June and the main battle at the ridge of Mont St. Jean on 18 June. In addition we will visit a number of museums including the revamped visitors' centre at Waterloo as well as Wellington's and Naploeon's respective headquarters.

Wellington and Napoleon at WATERLOO Moore's Retreat To Corunna